Authentic Career Wisdom Testimonials

“I had a great experience working with Laura. Through concrete, hands-on exercises, she helped me clarify my values and creatively explore ways to direct my career and life to achieve what I really want. ~David Goldstein, Seattle, WA

“Laura really helped me get to the root of my dissatisfaction with my previous career, which was critical in order for me to move forward on a new career path. I have been exploring many exciting new careers and have become more confident with networking and informational interviewing. My coaching sessions with Laura helped give me a clear direction in where to head with career and I feel excited and energized about my prospects” ~Rosemary Townsend, Tacoma, WA

“Laura was a great help in my process to find a new career. She has a very friendly and open style that makes communication easy and effective. Laura also has a wealth of career experience that comes through in creative and surprising ways. My career ideas were all over the place and she helped my channel it all into a plan. I would recommend Laura to any of my friends who want to explore career change and make the decisions and plans to actually carry it out.” ~ John Evans, Seattle, WA

“Are you struggling with your own reality? Laura has a way of helping you identify your reality and then pointing you in your needed direction. She has spoken to career transition at a few of my networking groups, E-SOUP, and is prolific at one-on-one counseling. She motivates and asked that you be true to yourself. If you are looking for a coach and/or a counselor that can set you straight then Laura is a solid choice.” ~Michael Reis, Edmonds, WA

“I was so fortunate to have found Laura. She really helped me turn things around in my life when I was stuck in a rut. Laura provided amazing insight, offered encouragement, a positive perspective, and great advice. The work that I am doing now is due to her guidance and counsel. I would highly recommend her services!” ~Patrice Savery, Seattle, WA

“Laura’s experience working in the software development industry gave her the ability to truly understand my situation. She helped me evaluate my options and move forward with confidence.” ~ Kathleen Cain, Shelton, WA

“I went to Laura when I hit a wall in my career. Laura helped me think through my options and come up with a game plan that worked for me. She was supportive, nonjudgmental, and informed. I would recommend Laura to anyone who needs guidance and support with his or her career.” ~Katie Michelmore, San Diego, CA

“After a year of non-stop job hunting, and not knowing where else to turn, I hired Laura as my career coach. She helped me whip my resume and cover letter into shape and assisted me in narrowing my searches & focusing my efforts. She suggested alternative places to network and guided me in the process of putting myself out there in ways I hadn’t considered. I now have the exact position I was looking for, and truly believe Laura offered that boost I needed when I hit a slump in a seemingly endless job search.” ~ Alyssa Rhodes, Seattle, WA

 “As a recent college graduate I was in a job I didn’t like and wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to pursue. Laura worked with me to figure out a great career plan, helped me fine tune my resume, and gave me excellent insight on how to make myself stand out in the job market. I ended up with a great job that suits my abilities which I enjoy going to. I would definitely work with Laura again and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a career boost.” ~ Brett Niemann, Seattle, WA

“Laura has really helped jump start my search into a new career!! She is easy to talk to, and a great person to bounce ideas off of and receive some great insights in return. Definitely recommend her services!” ~ Andrea Simmons, Seattle