Authentic Business Wisdom Testimonials

“Laura helped me identify and evaluate new directions for my business. With a greater understanding or what types of projects and work I find personally rewarding, I’ve changed my marketing and operation efforts to allow me to spend more time doing the parts of my job I love.” ~Lindy Wishard, Seattle, WA

“I met with Laura for business coaching. She gave me clear and concise steps to take to increase my visibility and client base. I am still using her recommendations with my new practice and having great success. I recommend her services to anyone who wants some sound advice from a successful business owner and excellent coach.” ~Julie DeHollander, Sacramento, CA

“I recently met Laura to get some advice on how to grow my business. She asked good questions to understand the current status of where I was and she immediately thought of several ideas that I know will be helpful to me going forward. She checked in with me a few days later to see if there was anything else she could do to help. I told her I would be recommending her to others I know.” ~ Thomas Terence, Seattle, WA

“I bought a four session package from Laura for coaching. I’m a small business owner and I wanted help focusing my marketing efforts, both to get some new ideas and new motivation. I did the first two sessions in two weeks and they made a huge difference. We came up with some long term ideas and reasonable short term goals. It worked so well that I haven’t used my other two sessions yet, since my marketing efforts are still thriving after the first two. I am looking forward to working with Laura to overcome my next business hurdles.” ~ Jessica Vargish, Seattle, WA

“Meeting with Laura helped me to feel more grounded about launching my business. She encouraged me to trust myself and my instincts which enabled me to get past the fear of failure I was struggling with. I now have a growing practice I am very proud of. Laura was a large part of me taking the initial steps to get here. Thanks Laura!”

“While exploring possibilities for the future of my business, I must take a moment and thank you for helping me recognize I’ve been needlessly paralyzed by fear – often fear of things I can’t even control. Thank you Laura.”