Authentic Life Wisdom Testimonials

“Laura brings a genuine sense of warmth and caring along with a relentlessy positive attitude. She brought so many insights and so much wisdom in a very short period of time. She’s helped me find my voice and the courage to begin a new path. I recommend her highly!” ~Joanne Dyer, Seattle, WA

“Discussions with Laura focused on the positive. She had insightful input that reinforced my goals and inspired direction.” ~ Louise Lakier, Seattle

“Amazing therapist with a superior insight into life’s challenges and roadblocks. She has motivated me to overcome problems and to see them in a new light. So grateful to have her as my therapist.”

“Laura is passionate about helping others move forward with their goals and aspirations so they can stop procrastinating and starting living the life they’ve imagined. She has a practical approach to counseling and coaching that helps you get a clear idea of what you want and what it will take to get you there.”

“Therapists I have seen in the past seem to be scripted on what to say and how to respond. Laura is not only a therapist, but a life coach. She listens and helps coach you to begin to make more positive choices. Most important, she was there when I really needed someone to listen to me in a crisis. I will never forget it.”

“Thanks to Laura’s guidance, I have started to think differently and treat myself with more kindness.”

“I’m so glad I found Laura. She not only encourages you to take steps toward the change you want, but she also gives you guidance so you’re never alone in the process.”

“Working with Laura was great. She helped me to look at things in new ways and to deepen my understanding of what was going on for me. Because of her breadth of experience she was able to provide meaningful examples that helped to put into context our discussion and make it more “real” for me.”