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The Laura Longley Show – January 6, 2014: Discover Your TrueVoice – The Meaning Of You with Alan Little Play in new window | DownloadEach and every one of us is here for a reason, with purpose and profound meaning to our lives. And we’re all born with an inner guidance system to show us the way – do you remember the courage and certainty you had as a child? Yet as time…
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What Are You Refusing to See?

September 18th, 2013 by Laura Longley

I have a lot of dreams. Frequently they are pretty intense. A few days ago I had one of those intense ones that I knew I needed to process as soon as I woke up. There were a number of messages in that dream, but one that really stood out for me was about how…

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Say What You Need to Say: 3 Benefits of Speaking Your Truth

August 6th, 2012 by Laura Longley

Walking like a one man army, Fighting shadows in your head Living out the same old moment Knowing you’d be better off instead, If you could only… Say what you need to say ~John Mayer, “Say What You Need to Say” I recently heard this John Mayer song, and it was so wonderful to understand…

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