Blue Heron Wisdom Approach™ Intro

Laura Longley, founder of Blue Heron Wisdom, talks about the increase in depression and unhappiness over the past 20 years, and how the Blue Heron Wisdom approach can help you find purpose, meaning and happiness in your life.


Transformation Talk Radio: Blue Heron Wisdom Radio with Host Laura Longley

Where authentic change takes flight.

On my weekly radio show I will share information about ways to work through common problems and stuck-points, including exercises and tools that you can use at home. We'll then open up the phone lines for live coaching on any questions or situations you need help working through. Many weeks I will also introduce you to a practitioner who offers an alternative approach to discovering and walking your own unique path. Some of the guests scheduled include hypnotherapists, EFT practitioners, acupuncturists and astrologers. These guests will also be available to answer your calls about your own particular situation. New Show starts September 11th - 1pm pst / 4pm est.


Happiness Meditation A guided meditation on the happiness of being

Here is a brief 4-minute meditation that will get you started with just being. Why not take a few minutes right now exploring a path to a happier you.

Today many people have more, and do more, than ever before, yet they’re still not happy. One reason for this is that constant busyness and constant doing. By taking a few minute each day to stop and just be, you will increase your happiness. Here is a brief 4-minute meditation that will get you started with just being. Take a few minutes now to begin your path to being happier.