The Laura Longley Show – June 16, 2014: Spirit is Talking To You with Joan Doyle

joan-doyle-sizedMaybe Spirit has a message for you in this interview with author and Spiritual Counselor Joan Doyle. Come listen or call in and be part of this opportunity to open to your Higher Self, your Inner Wisdom. We will discussing the true and amazing stories contained in her book Spirit is Talking to You; stories from various writers who tell how they experience messages of guidance, hope and connection. Be inspired to experience life’s magic and mystery in the day to day events of life. Joan Doyle says Spirit is talking to us all and its message is one of unending love.

Join Laura and Joan on The Laura Longley Show to learn how to hear what Spirit has to say to you!

Click Below to Listen Live on Monday, June 16 at

11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM UK

More about Joan Doyle

Joan Doyle has been a Spiritual Counselor with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2005. She specializes, in her work as counselor and teacher, in promoting harmonious relationships as well as individual empowerment as people navigate change, loss or confusion in their lives. Her own path to transformation fires her enthusiasm to share the keys to freedom and greater happiness that she has discovered on that journey. She is also an award-winning watercolorist and animator with many major feature film credits. She was born in Ireland and has lived in Los Angeles since 1993.

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