The Laura Longley Show – June 2, 2014: Becoming Free, A Woman’s Guide to Internal Strength with Christy Monson

christy-monson-sizedJust as a butterfly emerges from a tight constricting chrysalis to beautify the world, you can break out of old confining habits. Free yourself from outdated childhood beliefs. These youthful misconceptions can keep you from receiving affirmative energy in your life today. Find peace and attract healthy relationships with this step-by-step process. Enhance the quality of your life with this clearly outlined life-renewing procedure.

Join Laura and Christy Monson, author of Becoming Free, A Woman’s Guide To Internal Strength on The Laura Longley show as Christy shares a simple 4-step process to come into yourself as an adult woman.

More about Christy Monson

Christy Monson established a successful counseling practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She also practiced in Salt Lake City, Utah for several years before her retirement. Her books, Love, Hugs, and Hope, When Scary Things Happen, and Becoming Free, A Woman’s Guide To Internal Strength are published by Familius. A book on Family Councils will be released 2014.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for having me on your show. I loved working with you. You have a wonderful way of putting life in perspective to guide us all to find peace in our lives. I enjoyed our conversation so very much. Thanks again. Christy Monson

    • Laura Longley Laura Longley says:

      Christy, I so enjoyed having you on the show. I felt as if we were having a chat as two old friends, with the listeners “eavesdropping” on our conversation!

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