The Blue Heron Wisdom Approach™

The Blue Heron Wisdom Approach™

The Blue Heron Wisdom (BHW) Approach has been developed by Laura Longley through years of working as a counselor and a coach.  Laura calls upon her education and her own personal experiences to help clients discover who they are, what their purpose is, and how to make concrete and lasting changes in their lives.

The BHW Approach combines conversation, homework exercises, and daily practices to get you un-stuck and living an inspired life.

Ideal Career Discovery

The BHW Approach to ideal career discovery uses a structured, yet flexible, approach that will allow you to easily discover what brings you a feeling of purpose, joy and satisfaction. This program offers practical tools and useful insights to help you move toward what you really want in your life.

A structured approach in combination with “out of the box” thinking will help you discover your interests, desires and passions.  Once you know what it is that you want to create in your life, you will explore various career ideas that will lead you to the career you dream of.

Happiness Coaching

The BHW Approach to increase happiness combines tools and practices that you can start using immediately to increase your well-being, with more in-depth exercises that access and change the deeply held beliefs that prevent you from being your happiest.