Lightbulb Moment: Feeling Anxious? Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

October 10th, 2013 by Laura Longley

Lightbulb Moment

The Laura Longley Show

October 9, 2012


From the written transcript of Blue Heron Wisdom Radio with Laura Longley: Bonnie Strehlow, Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? October 9, 2012.

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Moving on to our Light Bulb Moment for this week. I used to call these tips of the week, but I started thinking about Light Bulb Moments because that’s what I feel like having an epiphany is or having an inspiration. I want to share tips with you that will lead to you having those Light Bulb Moments.

Coming back to the idea of being a highly sensitive person, one of the things that I have learned over the past 6 weeks since I identified as an HSP that really has helped me when I start feeling overwhelmed with my own, or other people’s energy, for me personally I get this staticky feeling of things swirling around me and outside of me. What’s really helped me is to get into my body and get centered.

The way that I learned to do this-my therapist taught me this so I’ve had several people helping me with this understanding of being a highly sensitive person-being in my body, breathing like Bonnie said, for me it’s feeling my toes.

I have to get really focused in my body to be able to feel my toes. That really brings down that real swirly feeling for me and helps me feel like I’m getting grounded. Then I can think a lot more clearly. I would give that to you to give it a try and see if that helps you when you find yourself-if you find yourself in that really staticky feeling.

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