Laura’s Spiritual Journey to Scotland:The Grand Adventure Begins!

October 29th, 2012 by Laura Longley

I leave this afternoon to begin my spiritual journey in Scotland. This all began as an inspiration a little over three months ago. I felt called to leave my home in Seattle, where I’ve lived all my life, and move somewhere else. The somewhere else that came to me was Edinburgh, Scotland.

After much thrashing around (see earlier post: I decided that the first step was to spend some time in Edinburgh to see if it felt right to me. I had this feeling that Edinburgh is where I would find my tribe; that it was where I fit in. I knew I had to visit there for a period of time to see if this felt true to me.

After I booked my travel arrangements, I didn’t think too much about it anymore. My business was in the midst of a complete change (just like me) and required a lot of my attention. As the date for my departure grew near and people started asking me if I was getting exciting, some other things began to happen that have made me shift my perspective a little on why I’m called to Edinburgh.

I’ll share briefly with you what has happened for me in the past few weeks, but for a more detailed explanation, listen to this audio (it takes a while to load, so please be patient):

The End of a Cycle

A couple of months ago I visited a shaman, Shonagh Home, who did a soul retrieval for me. I had never done this before, and it was an interesting experience, but was not earth shattering. However, I feel the reason I was called to this shaman was something different. She was talking about Owl as my power animal representing wisdom. I told here about my experiences with blue herons, and that the name of my business was Blue Heron Wisdom for that reason.

Shonagh got very excited. She told me that she had recently gotten Owl tail feathers, as Owl was her power animal. She already had a blue heron wing, and had known that it was time for the blue heron wing to move on, and that I was meant to have it.

I was amazed and overwhelmed with her kindness and generosity and graciously accepted her gift. But it never felt right to me.

About a month later, I had an appointment with my acupuncturist, Elisha Weinberg. Elisha is friends with Shonagh, and that’s how I had met her. I decided to ask Elisha to return the wing to Sonagh.

While we were in the treatment room, Elisha felt called to use the blue heron wing as part of the treatment. She saw that my heart and lungs needed to be opened up, and she placed the blue heron wing on my chest, over my heart.

During this treatment I had an amazing experience of what I had previously experienced as a hard kernel, a calcified object like a kidney stone in my chest blossoming into a beautiful flower. I knew that I had turned the corner in being able to be in my body and feel my feelings.

Immediately after this treatment I began to experience a dry cough and some indigestion and heartburn. After about ten days, I went back to Elisha for help. Elisha saw that these were old, old childhood ailments of mine. I was colicky as a baby, and had bronchitis so badly that I had my tonsils out before I was four years old. She performed a treatment as if I were a baby with these ailments.

During the treatment I saw myself standing on a doorstep with two women, one on either side of me. They were dressed in 1950’s fashion. I realized that these were my guides, and that I was about to be born as I stepped over the threshold of that door.

With this vision, I realized that there were very young parts of me that still needed to be healed. That’s what the coughing and the stomach problems were about. I also realized that the healing of these parts was the end of a growth cycle for me, and this cycle was meant to be completed before my trip to Edinburgh.

I went back to Shonagh to do a soul retrieval for my infant. During the journey she found and brought back three pieces of my younger self: a four-year-old me, a toddler and an infant. I had lost parts of myself very early in life.

As I was talking with Shonagh after the soul retrieval, she told me she had been studying a Scottish shaman. She suggested that while I was in Scotland I find a yew tree and meditate there, and also find a faerie glen. Scotland’s history is rich with mysticism.

The Beginning of Something New

It was then that I realized this trip to Edinburgh was to be a spiritual journey, even more than I had realized three months ago. I don’t know what I will find on this trip, but I am open to what comes to me.

I may, indeed, find my tribe and decide to move to Scotland. Or, I may have some amazing experiences and insights that change my life forever, and return to Seattle as my home. Or perhaps some other outcome that I cannot yet imagine.

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  1. Jane Jensen says:


    I read your piece with great interest. I have wanted to go to Scotland since I was a girl. I knew it must be a spiritual trip. Somehow I feel such a deep connection to the highlands. I definitely want to include Inverness, perhaps because my grandmother’s family was from there. My grandmother was my step-grandmother, but the only grandmother I ever knew. She had a love of Scotland that rubbed off on me…..still I wonder if there is a deeper connection . Perhaps, a previous time spent there. I have searched for a tour, but one has not appeared that seems right. I know when the time is right, the tour will appear.
    Anyway, your desire to go to Scotland reminded me of my own desire, and prompted me to write.
    Jane Jensen

    • Laura Longley Laura Longley says:

      Hi Jane,

      So glad you shared your own calling. I had felt called for a long time, and still do. It’s been more than a year since I spent a month in Edinburgh. I made some wonderful friends in just that short period of time. Now is not the right time for me to be there on a longer term basis, but I do believe at some point I will.

      I have ancestors from Scotland as well, in the Highlands near Aviemore. I would say to trust your intuition about it, the fact that you’ve felt called since a child is significant. And, you are absolutely right – when the time is right all the ways and means will appear!

      Keep me posted! I’d love to hear if you go!

      With love and gratitude,

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