Should You Stay or Should You Go? Deciding Whether to Stay in Your Current Job

September 12th, 2012 by Laura Longley

Many people experience dissatisfaction with their job or career at times. There can be ups and downs related to your current boss, your current work group, company changes, or even your own current state of mind. How do you know when you’ve reached critical mass? When is it time to seriously look at a significant to change to something completely different? Below are some indications that you may need to take a long, hard look at making a change.

Symptoms of Career Dissatisfaction

1. You’re sick all the time.

If you’re suffering from neck or jaw pain, ulcers or other stomach issues, or headaches these can be indicators of a high level of stress. When they are ongoing and consistent, you may want to look at stressors in your life, including your job. Being constantly “under the weather” can be another sign which includes multiple colds, difficulty sleeping and low energy.

2. You can’t wait for the weekend.

We all have times when we would rather play than work. However, if you begin living in the future of the weekend by Thursday, and start stressing about returning to work Monday morning by Sunday afternoon, this is a good indication that something needs to change. The same goes for vacation time. If you live for that one week of vacation and just exist during the rest of your life, it’s time to take a hard look at making a change.

3. You’re bored.

If you find yourself spending your day at work surfing the internet, texting friends and making personal calls instead of focusing on your work, you’re probably bored with what you’re doing. Other ways that boredom can show up include seeking education opportunities, searching for a new job, or anything else that distracts you from your current situation.

4. You’re depressed.

Of course depression can have many causes, not all situational. But if you’re experiencing signs of depression such as irritability, lack of motivation, low energy, or sleep disruption it may be helpful to consider the possibility that your job or career is a contributing factor.

If any of these symptoms apply to you, considering the possibility of making a career change can greatly improve your overall life satisfaction and happiness.

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